Saxophone insurance

saxophone insurance

Insurance are important steps that people do to prepare for any unlikely event that may happen in the future.  As it can hasten the damage of misfortune in people, saxophone insurance on the other hand can aid you in protecting your precious musical instrument.  Insurance policies in musical instruments may not be a popular topic to some people but it does exist.  If you are one aspiring saxophone artist or a collector of vintage and priceless musical instruments, you might want to take a further look at how such an insurance policy works.

The need for saxophone insurance

There are a lot of reasons why would a person should apply for a saxophone insurance and it is to no surprise that the number is still growing.  After all, who wouldn’t want to maximize the safety of something they have considered to be a significant part of their life?

Some would ask why they would need the insurance and why go through all the trouble of applying?  There are accidents surrounding any of us and your musical instrument is not an exception.   Accidentally dropping it on the floor, a theft or robbery and other unfortunate events would be a real crusher.  The cost of repair can take you back hundreds of dollars depending on the damage and buying a new can take you a notch lower than repairs.  The most crushing scene would be if you happen to have an antique or vintage sax, you definitely need something to cover for your loss.

How to get saxophone insurance

Getting insurance for a musical instrument like the sax will depend on whether you are a professional, a student or a hobby player.  If you happen to be a simple hobbyist or a student, you can settle for a simple coverage that is commonly offered to you the moment you purchase your saxophone.  Coverage of that level would include minor repairs and other less costly services for your instrument.

Being a professional however would be a different story since there is a big chance that you are earning your living on playing the instrument and that has been a huge part of your life and career.  Be reminded that insurance companies are fond of denying claims based on the professionalism involved with the instrument.  Below is a simple checklist that can help you go through with the process:

  • Let your insurance company know what you do with your instrument.  This is important on the range of coverage they can offer you.
  • Know if the company covers for your instrument depending on its current cost in the market or replacing it with something brand new.
  • If you have a vintage horn, make sure the company covers you for its full price in the market and not buy you a new one instead.
  • Go through all the specifications and requirements they offer to understand how much your instrument is covered
The most important step that you need to take is to know well the agent that offers you the saxophone insurance that you need.

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