Piano insurance

piano insurance

Using the piano for a living makes piano insurance an extremely valuable thing to have.  Just like other musical instruments, this kind of insurance is driven due to unforeseen circumstances that might damage or lead to loss of your piano.  There are a lot of insurance companies out there that have specialized in insuring musical instruments and have dedicated teams with great familiarity of various instruments for a decent insurance policy that will work best with you.

Although people have their homeowner’s insurance policy, most of the time that doesn’t include items like the piano and one thing you can do about it is to itemize it as one of the assets that you will have listed to the insurance company you have and have it covered without going through another insurance policy hunt.  The downside to this move is that only a few percentage of your instrument’s value may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  If you happen to have a really expensive one, it would be best for you to go for a sole insurance policy, dedicated to your piano only.

Unforeseen events why you should have piano insurance

Wherever you are, either you are playing at a stage or simply tapping the keys of your piano at home, you never can tell when something goes wrong and the piano you have worked hard for and this is the best concern to lead you into having piano insurance.

On travel, while you are transporting or hired someone to move your piano for you, there is that line of possibility that it can get damaged due to a lot of reasons while moving it.  Accidents at home can also lead to damaging your piano especially when you have kids around.  You never can tell when they’ll hit one of its legs or wet it with water or juice they place on it and a lot more activities that can be detrimental to the state of your piano.  While on a gig or a concert with the piano you have, the sheer number of people on the stage and back and the busy activities can heed to accidental damages to your instrument.

You may be taking it easy since you have your piano safe at home but you can never be too sure when a burglary will happen.  Going home and finding your piano stolen can be a drastic scene.  Even when times that it is moved and it got stolen during the process you just can’t say how faith plays a trick on you.

Concerns on piano insurance

It sure is a great thing to have coverage for any accidents that might concern your piano but you should also be concerned of the insurance company you want to help you with.  It is always wise to ask from someone who had already undergone the process for you to gain real life-based tips that you will most probably need.  Let companies convince you to earn your trust and not the other way around.  Know the people and know the service they offer well before you go for piano insurance that you want.

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