Minimizing risk from theft with Musical Instrument Insurance

Minimizing risk from theft with Musical Instrument Insurance

Theft of musical instruments is as much a reality of everyday life as is the theft of just about any item. In that scenario, it makes complete sense that one works towards providing suitable cover for musical instruments to the extent that in case a theft does happen.

And just in case you think that you do not need musical instrument insurance since a theft of this kind simply cannot happen to you, think again! Of all the thefts of musical instruments that happened in recent years, majority of the owners of these instruments invariably cited the fact that they were always very careful with their prized possessions and yet the theft took place. This just goes to show that to a large extent, theft of musical instruments is not only a reality, it also happens to individuals when they least expect them.

Given this rather striking possibility of theft happening in the case of musical instruments, it makes absolutely perfect sense that you provide suitable musical instrument insurance coverage on your own set of musical instruments. This is all the more true in case you have a very large collection of musical instruments whereby it becomes virtually mandatory that you take on insurance coverage for all your musical instruments.

And just in case you are wondering what the thieves of these musical instruments are doing with all the instruments that they steal, may we inform you that today, it is the Internet which has thrown up an absolute barrage of options or channels through which, one can easily sell stolen goods. Take for instance auction sites; these are often an absolute haven for thieves of musical instruments. There are students galore trawling these sites, looking for every chance of obtaining a suitable musical instrument of their choice at a bargain price. In other words, thieves have a ready market for the wares that they steal.

Police and other authorities of the law find it very difficult to trace out stolen instruments whereby, once gone, it is best to assume that the instrument is gone for good. The number of other artists or budding musicians trying to obtain a musical instrument for their own selves this way is thankfully very low, so you have much less to fear from these elements as far as theft of musical instruments is concerned, than all other thieves who steal for the purpose of reselling.

Musical Instrument Insurance don’t take risks

Given the extent of risks involved, would you still want to avoid musical instrument insurance? After all, with this kind of insurance in place, you can be spared of a lot of mental agony which would otherwise be the order of the day, when you know you have musical instruments in possession which duly face the risk of theft, on a day to day basis.

Summarily, do not take chances and do opt for musical instrument insurance when you know that you have a reasonably large collection of musical instruments in your repertoire. Otherwise, you might repent in the future, rather vehemently!


Harp insurance

harp insurance

Purchasing harp insurance is one step a harpist does to protect his means of living or his tool of passion.  Regardless of the type of musical instrument one carries, it should only be right to have some sort of security to aid you in any form of accidents or plain mishaps to happen along the way.  It is of no surprise that there are a lot of musicians have gone to insuring their own musical instruments and even the famous ones have also taken the extra measure.

Using existing coverage on harp insurance

Your existing home insurance is something that you use to cover for your instrument if you don’t want to spend much on harp insurance.  This will require using a floater or an endorsement for that to happen since floater or an endorsement serves like tacks to the current policy you have.  These allow you to individually protect certain items that are not a part of your home insurance.  The bad thing about this is that it does not entail a deductible and covers the full replacement value of the instrument that you have than the book value that it has.

The floater or the endorsement not only allows you to protect your instruments while you are at home, but while you are travelling with it as well.  The prices to this will depend on the value and type of your instrument, the place you live and how you store the items.  Before you use this however, you need to have your item properly appraised to be able to come up with the right value for it.

Using specialty coverage on harp insurance

The specialty coverage is the perfect option for professional musicians since it offers a wider coverage on musical instruments at home and on the road.  These have lower deductibles compared to home insurance coverage.  The only concern you’ll have on this type of coverage is the company that you have chosen.  Various companies have different offers in coverage and you need to be well aware of this.  It is a part of the step in having musical instrument insurance that you have a selection of choices of companies that would fit you and your instrument’s needs.  The difference in policies may give you a hard time since you may want to have policies from various companies altogether.  The other choice that you need to consider is the type of value you want your instrument to be insured.  Whether it’s cash value or replacement value.  You need to be well aware of this and of course all the other clauses, requirements and stuff that is included in the policy that you are about to sign.

Hiring a professional to help you deal with this is best especially when it is the first time you’ll have a musical instrument insured and when you have no one else to ask about the services that you need.  Just keep in mind that all transactions you’ll be having should be clear and well in line with the contract like the harp insurance you’ll sign.

Flute insurance

flute insurance

Flute insurance is one form of a musical instrument insurance policy that focuses on insuring the flute.  Why not one policy for all musical instruments?  Well, each musical instrument have different parts, different methods of production, different values and so much more that they can’t be placed under one policy.  An insurance company has sets of coverage that is made specifically to suit the needs of your instrument and as each one is different, all should have their own set of policy and coverage as well.

Steps to having flute insurance

If the flute you have is your way of earning a living, then you should definitely consider flute insurance.  You also need to be well aware and particular about the coverage these companies offer.  After all, a musician won’t be able to make music without his instrument.  If you are travelling around the world and doing performances, you also need to make sure that your insurer covers this as well.  Just in case of any accidents, thefts or loss.

Have your instrument appraised so that you’ll know how expensive it is and the type of coverage it needs.  Whatever papers you get from the appraisal should be well-kept to make sure that you have proof of its value just in case your will be submitting a file to claim.

Trying to save on expenses?  You can check your homeowners insurance policy if you will be able to have included on the list of items that you want covered within your home.  Just to be clear, these types of insurance policies don’t actually cover everything that you have at home and there is a possibility that it won’t cover your musical instruments since it is not made to cover for professional, rare and really expensive items at home.

All risk policy is something that you should look for since it will cover for your instrument whatever happens with it.  This can even include provision of temporary instrument while the one you have is under repair or until you have bought a new one.

Replacement value is what musical instruments be insured for and not for what you paid for months or years ago.  You need to remember that prices of these instruments go high as the time passes by.

Musical instrument insurance companies are better choices than regular insurance companies since they have their focus on the kind of insurance that you need.  You can search for it on the net or you can ask around people who were able to get one for their own instruments.

Other than the instrument on flute insurance

Musical instrument insurance doesn’t only cover for the instruments alone.  There are some that cover for the cases as well and other accessories like the bow.  If you happen to bump into something like this, it would be a great addition to the insurance policy that you have in mind.  Little things have their value as well and it’s always best to be at the peak of safety especially when you’ll have flute insurance.

Clarinet insurance

clarinet insurance

Clarinet is a woodwind instrument that is composed of numerous types and is even considered to be the largest set in the woodwind family.  This musical instrument goes well when played with jazz or classical ensembles and whether in group or solo.  Clarinettists vouch for clarinet insurance for an added form of protection for their priceless instrument.

Clarinet insurance vs homeowners insurance

Comparing clarinet insurance and homeowners insurance can be one of the troubling moments for a clarinettist as both are geared for the protection of the clarinet that you have.  Although in technicality, they are completely different most especially in the coverage.

Clarinet insurance is something that is made or purchased for the sole purpose of your clarinet only.  The biggest advantage that you can gain from this type of insurance is that you have coverage specifically made for your instrument.  With this kind of insurance, you will have a wide range of coverage for various situations that might involve your clarinet.  This in mind, you will be more confident that whatever uneventful accident that might happen to your clarinet, you will have an insurance policy that can either replace one that you lost or help you repair one that’s broken.  The disadvantage to this form of insurance however is that there is a big possibility that you will be paying a little bit more compared to when your clarinet is covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance is the type of property insurance covering private homes.  This sort of insurance policy covers losses within your home including the properties that you have in it or insurance for any form of accident that happen within the territory stated by the policy.  This can include the clarinet that you have at home which can be a good idea so that you won’t need to find another insurance policy to cover for a single instrument.  This however might require a little processing since not all homeowners insurance would cover musical instruments.  The biggest downside to this insurance is that some wouldn’t be able to cover the entire value you have for your clarinet.  It’s a big bust especially when you have one that’s expensive or rare.

Why choose clarinet insurance

Choosing the insurance policy that is dedicated solely for a single item would be considered the best choice especially to professionals who rely on their musical instruments to make a living.  If that would be the case, insuring the clarinet itself is the best form of security a clarinettist can avail for himself.  It would be a great possibility to spend more cash and more time on the process but all of that would all be set aside once you have realized that you have protected something that’s priceless for you.  Hesitation for the cost can be normal at first but if take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you will be able to clearly see and realize that having clarinet insurance is still the best move you’ll make.

Piano insurance

piano insurance

Using the piano for a living makes piano insurance an extremely valuable thing to have.  Just like other musical instruments, this kind of insurance is driven due to unforeseen circumstances that might damage or lead to loss of your piano.  There are a lot of insurance companies out there that have specialized in insuring musical instruments and have dedicated teams with great familiarity of various instruments for a decent insurance policy that will work best with you.

Although people have their homeowner’s insurance policy, most of the time that doesn’t include items like the piano and one thing you can do about it is to itemize it as one of the assets that you will have listed to the insurance company you have and have it covered without going through another insurance policy hunt.  The downside to this move is that only a few percentage of your instrument’s value may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy.  If you happen to have a really expensive one, it would be best for you to go for a sole insurance policy, dedicated to your piano only.

Unforeseen events why you should have piano insurance

Wherever you are, either you are playing at a stage or simply tapping the keys of your piano at home, you never can tell when something goes wrong and the piano you have worked hard for and this is the best concern to lead you into having piano insurance.

On travel, while you are transporting or hired someone to move your piano for you, there is that line of possibility that it can get damaged due to a lot of reasons while moving it.  Accidents at home can also lead to damaging your piano especially when you have kids around.  You never can tell when they’ll hit one of its legs or wet it with water or juice they place on it and a lot more activities that can be detrimental to the state of your piano.  While on a gig or a concert with the piano you have, the sheer number of people on the stage and back and the busy activities can heed to accidental damages to your instrument.

You may be taking it easy since you have your piano safe at home but you can never be too sure when a burglary will happen.  Going home and finding your piano stolen can be a drastic scene.  Even when times that it is moved and it got stolen during the process you just can’t say how faith plays a trick on you.

Concerns on piano insurance

It sure is a great thing to have coverage for any accidents that might concern your piano but you should also be concerned of the insurance company you want to help you with.  It is always wise to ask from someone who had already undergone the process for you to gain real life-based tips that you will most probably need.  Let companies convince you to earn your trust and not the other way around.  Know the people and know the service they offer well before you go for piano insurance that you want.