Harp insurance

harp insurance

Purchasing harp insurance is one step a harpist does to protect his means of living or his tool of passion.  Regardless of the type of musical instrument one carries, it should only be right to have some sort of security to aid you in any form of accidents or plain mishaps to happen along the way.  It is of no surprise that there are a lot of musicians have gone to insuring their own musical instruments and even the famous ones have also taken the extra measure.

Using existing coverage on harp insurance

Your existing home insurance is something that you use to cover for your instrument if you don’t want to spend much on harp insurance.  This will require using a floater or an endorsement for that to happen since floater or an endorsement serves like tacks to the current policy you have.  These allow you to individually protect certain items that are not a part of your home insurance.  The bad thing about this is that it does not entail a deductible and covers the full replacement value of the instrument that you have than the book value that it has.

The floater or the endorsement not only allows you to protect your instruments while you are at home, but while you are travelling with it as well.  The prices to this will depend on the value and type of your instrument, the place you live and how you store the items.  Before you use this however, you need to have your item properly appraised to be able to come up with the right value for it.

Using specialty coverage on harp insurance

The specialty coverage is the perfect option for professional musicians since it offers a wider coverage on musical instruments at home and on the road.  These have lower deductibles compared to home insurance coverage.  The only concern you’ll have on this type of coverage is the company that you have chosen.  Various companies have different offers in coverage and you need to be well aware of this.  It is a part of the step in having musical instrument insurance that you have a selection of choices of companies that would fit you and your instrument’s needs.  The difference in policies may give you a hard time since you may want to have policies from various companies altogether.  The other choice that you need to consider is the type of value you want your instrument to be insured.  Whether it’s cash value or replacement value.  You need to be well aware of this and of course all the other clauses, requirements and stuff that is included in the policy that you are about to sign.

Hiring a professional to help you deal with this is best especially when it is the first time you’ll have a musical instrument insured and when you have no one else to ask about the services that you need.  Just keep in mind that all transactions you’ll be having should be clear and well in line with the contract like the harp insurance you’ll sign.

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