Flute insurance

flute insurance

Flute insurance is one form of a musical instrument insurance policy that focuses on insuring the flute.  Why not one policy for all musical instruments?  Well, each musical instrument have different parts, different methods of production, different values and so much more that they can’t be placed under one policy.  An insurance company has sets of coverage that is made specifically to suit the needs of your instrument and as each one is different, all should have their own set of policy and coverage as well.

Steps to having flute insurance

If the flute you have is your way of earning a living, then you should definitely consider flute insurance.  You also need to be well aware and particular about the coverage these companies offer.  After all, a musician won’t be able to make music without his instrument.  If you are travelling around the world and doing performances, you also need to make sure that your insurer covers this as well.  Just in case of any accidents, thefts or loss.

Have your instrument appraised so that you’ll know how expensive it is and the type of coverage it needs.  Whatever papers you get from the appraisal should be well-kept to make sure that you have proof of its value just in case your will be submitting a file to claim.

Trying to save on expenses?  You can check your homeowners insurance policy if you will be able to have included on the list of items that you want covered within your home.  Just to be clear, these types of insurance policies don’t actually cover everything that you have at home and there is a possibility that it won’t cover your musical instruments since it is not made to cover for professional, rare and really expensive items at home.

All risk policy is something that you should look for since it will cover for your instrument whatever happens with it.  This can even include provision of temporary instrument while the one you have is under repair or until you have bought a new one.

Replacement value is what musical instruments be insured for and not for what you paid for months or years ago.  You need to remember that prices of these instruments go high as the time passes by.

Musical instrument insurance companies are better choices than regular insurance companies since they have their focus on the kind of insurance that you need.  You can search for it on the net or you can ask around people who were able to get one for their own instruments.

Other than the instrument on flute insurance

Musical instrument insurance doesn’t only cover for the instruments alone.  There are some that cover for the cases as well and other accessories like the bow.  If you happen to bump into something like this, it would be a great addition to the insurance policy that you have in mind.  Little things have their value as well and it’s always best to be at the peak of safety especially when you’ll have flute insurance.

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