Do musicians provide for Musical Instrument Insurance?

Do musicians provide for Musical Instrument Insurance?

This is a question that invariably strikes the minds of all existing and budding musicians; do other musicians in the fray actually provide for musical instrument insurance? Well, fact of the matter is that the majority do. While the whole aspect of providing insurance for musical instruments is a fairly recent phenomenon, fact of the matter is that the trend has caught on in a big way in recent times. Today, the majority of musicians that you would see or more likely hear around would have actually provided for more than sufficient insurance of this kind.

Largely, when musical instrument insurance first started off, it was pretty much a case of once bitten twice shy. In other words, having suffered large losses, perhaps as a result of loss of their musical instruments or damage to the same, they soon realized that not providing for insurance of this kind would certainly hurt their prospects deeply. The insurance companies themselves were also prudent enough to realize the opportunity that the market was presenting in front of them and accordingly came out with a wide range of insurance offerings that suitably catered to the needs of all musicians.

There are multiple factors binding together the need for musical instrument insurance. Primary among them are of course the fact that like a lot of other things in life, there is a lot of unpredictability involved in this domain. Musicians and others cannot really predict as to how the whole musical saga will unfold and actually play out in front of them. Even if these are not your typical head-banging, guitar smashing kind of musicians, they are ultimately exposed to a lot of vagaries which are entirely out of their control. For instance, baggage handlers on most airlines are known to be rather careless in the way they handle baggage. Often, damage to musical instruments happen at this very time, when they are being transported to various destinations.

Moreover, damage often occurs in smaller settings as well, such as when subsequent to a flight, a musical troupe is being transported to its concert venue or to the hotel where it is staying. Eventually, the possibilities are simply endless in terms of the places where damage or even total loss to the instrument in question could happen.

Musical instrument insurance- becuse your instrument is importent

Musical instrument insurance also presents its case when we realize the fact that a lot of these instruments are rather delicate in nature; even the slightest tweaking or mishandling can actually render them virtually useless. Further, the way a lot of these instruments function is that even if a very small part is damaged, the entire instrument may have to be written off since it cannot be used any more.

On the whole, there are just too many reasons for which adequate insurance for musical instruments seems not only advisable but in fact necessary. So if you want to have the much needed peace of mind for a superlative musical rendering, make sure you provide for adequate insurance on your musical instruments, in the very first place.



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