Clarinet insurance

clarinet insurance

Clarinet is a woodwind instrument that is composed of numerous types and is even considered to be the largest set in the woodwind family.  This musical instrument goes well when played with jazz or classical ensembles and whether in group or solo.  Clarinettists vouch for clarinet insurance for an added form of protection for their priceless instrument.

Clarinet insurance vs homeowners insurance

Comparing clarinet insurance and homeowners insurance can be one of the troubling moments for a clarinettist as both are geared for the protection of the clarinet that you have.  Although in technicality, they are completely different most especially in the coverage.

Clarinet insurance is something that is made or purchased for the sole purpose of your clarinet only.  The biggest advantage that you can gain from this type of insurance is that you have coverage specifically made for your instrument.  With this kind of insurance, you will have a wide range of coverage for various situations that might involve your clarinet.  This in mind, you will be more confident that whatever uneventful accident that might happen to your clarinet, you will have an insurance policy that can either replace one that you lost or help you repair one that’s broken.  The disadvantage to this form of insurance however is that there is a big possibility that you will be paying a little bit more compared to when your clarinet is covered by your homeowners insurance policy.

Homeowners insurance is the type of property insurance covering private homes.  This sort of insurance policy covers losses within your home including the properties that you have in it or insurance for any form of accident that happen within the territory stated by the policy.  This can include the clarinet that you have at home which can be a good idea so that you won’t need to find another insurance policy to cover for a single instrument.  This however might require a little processing since not all homeowners insurance would cover musical instruments.  The biggest downside to this insurance is that some wouldn’t be able to cover the entire value you have for your clarinet.  It’s a big bust especially when you have one that’s expensive or rare.

Why choose clarinet insurance

Choosing the insurance policy that is dedicated solely for a single item would be considered the best choice especially to professionals who rely on their musical instruments to make a living.  If that would be the case, insuring the clarinet itself is the best form of security a clarinettist can avail for himself.  It would be a great possibility to spend more cash and more time on the process but all of that would all be set aside once you have realized that you have protected something that’s priceless for you.  Hesitation for the cost can be normal at first but if take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you will be able to clearly see and realize that having clarinet insurance is still the best move you’ll make.

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